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Intercultural Communication


Richmond, VA

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My name is Jordan, but for the next while, you will know me as Leilani Dominique Envy, Richmond's Polynesian Princess and R&B Diva drag performer.

Thank you for joining me as we dive into Intercultural Communication within the Richmond, VA drag community and hear from local performers and Leilani!

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Leilani Envy



"Drag is this big art that we get to showcase ourselves and our art."

Leilani Envy

"Because my drag and culture are synonyms, I'm constantly living the gift I've been given."


"I can see gender is really complicated, and seeing how people can navigate in their own way is what is drag is about."

Alaya Armon

"People forget that black trans women started drag. I wouldn't be doing what I do today if it was not for them."
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Of the Richmond drag performers interviewed...

Intercultural Communication and how it relates to Ethnicity and Gender Identities. 

Unpacking The Problem.

80% responded "Highly Disagree" when provided the prompt, "Richmond drag is an inclusive community."

60% responded "Highly Disagree" to Black Drag Performers have a voice in Richmond

0% reported that they are pleased with how well inclusive show hosts are in Richmond

Only 20% reported that Richmond drag showcases enough intercultural communication 

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Disco Balls
Disco Balls
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Disco Balls

70% stated that there is an increase of diversity in Richmond drag, while 30% stated that a larger increase in drag is needed

Thank You.

Leilani Envy.
Alaya Armon.
Blake Deadly.
Marilynn Envy.
Blas Femme.

Teddi Bearbach.
Nova Kayne.
Laura VaTraction.
Bebe Gunn.
You'neek Nu'York.

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